Why do we sow?

“Let each one give as he pleases in his heart, not with sorrow or with compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9: 7).

Giving is one way of testifying of God's goodness and provision in our lives. Since all we have, is from the Lord, we rejoice in Him and show our appreciation to Him for the gifts and talents He bestowed on us, with which we can generate an income. As a jubilation to God's generosity, we delightfully sow into His Kingdom.

Since we also believe that sowing into the Kingdom with our finances, is a prophetic action of faith, sowing into your congregation gives you the prophetic mandate to have a voice in His ministry.


Tithing is a biblical principle. God calls us to return the first 10% of our income to Him, generously allowing us to be stewards of 90% of His provision.


Offerings are additional gifts, which we sow into the Kingdom in addition to the Tithe, which we faithfully give. It is an act of celebration to the goodness of God in our lives.

Ways to sow

Tithings and offerings can be put into the collection bags on Sundays during the service or sealed in an envelope and marked as a Tithe or Offering (it may be kept anonymous) and brought to the church office during office hours. It can electronically be transferred via the SnapScan App. You can use an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) to our ABSA account.


Bank: ABSA Silverton
Account: Living Word Centurion
Branch Code: 334445 / 632005
Account No: 4054460303
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Proof of payments can be sent to centurion@lewendewoord.co.za


Scan this SnapScan code with your smartphone. It's fast and safe.

Snapscan Code

Credit card and Instant-EFT payments are available soon


Missionary Account

Mission Banking Details
Bank: ABSA
Account: Living Word Mission
Branch Code: 334445 / 632005
Account No: 4077974456
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ